Requirements for applying for staff on marCloud

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Aug 2, 2019
A staff position on a server is not only a rank with some permissions. It's a responsibility. Server staff are responsible for actions happening on the server by checking reviews, monitoring the Anticheat in case of cheaters playing and hacking, moderating chat, check other's reports and answer and resolve questions.
As a staff member, you will be the face of marCloud, players will turn to you for help and guidance.

To apply for staff you need to meet following requirements:
1. You need to play at least 2 hours daily on the server. There can be an exception for some people, if they have a reason.
2. You need to fluently speak English. (Voice chat pronunciation doesn't matter)
3. You need to be a member of our server for at least a month.
4. You need to be at least 16 years old and behave for 16 years old.
5. You need to have decent Minecraft commands knowledge. You'll be taught marCloud commands, but basic ones and syntax usage are required.
6. You need to have experience in Minecraft, the way the game works, and know what actions are legit, or which are made by a hacked client.
7. You need to have supported the server in any way: found a bug, purchased a rank, created a map or plugin, helped some people with their problems.
8. You need to have a Discord account and be active on the marCloud Community Discord server.
9. You need to have no infractions for at least a year (there can be an exception in some situations).
10. You need to be not annoying.
11. You need to be nice to other marCloud members.
12. You need to have at least 24 hours of playtime on the network.

If you fulfil these requirements, you may proceed to the application form: <Click Here>
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