marCloud Minigames Network - quick start guide


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Aug 2, 2019
Looks like you're new to marCloud, or you haven't got information about some features we offer.
In this guide I'd like to tell you the most important information about marCloud Minigames Network.

A. Important information

In marCloud Network, no data you've created will be lost.
This means, anything you've collected, built or reached, will be saved.
So when spending your time on our server, you don't have to worry that your work will be lost!

This has some exceptions in games such as Sky Block or Survival which are seasonable - eventually will reset.
In their case, previous seasons will be saved too, and if you want, you'll be given access to them to get your island / home back.

B. Server premium or cracked?
marCloud Minigames is a premium server that allows cracked players. This means:
- If you're premium Minecraft account owner, you just join and play without anything else to do. On TAB, the heads are shown, and no special commands must be issued to play the server. You also may change your MC name, and all stats will remain the same, and no data will be lost.
- If you're cracked however, you must /register your account, and to play /login.

If your cracked account has name of a premium user, you'll be disconnected for "Invalid session. Please try restarting your game", or "Mojang servers are down. Please try again later!", "Disconnected" or sometimes "Timed out".
This means, if you want to play using cracked MC account, your name must not be claimed by a premium account.

When a premium player creates an account with name of already existing marCloud cracked player, they get the account and all it's data. That's why we highly recommend everyone to have purchased premium Minecraft account.

C. Server anti cheat
We're trying to provide the highest quality game play we can, so we invested much into Anticheat development. Currently, we're able to detect 3.05 reach modifications, entity hit box changes and velocity (not perfect, still in development (30.06.2021).
Of course any speed, fly or related movement checks are working very well.
If you're interested in testing our Anticheat, feel free to message us on Discord so we can test it, and possibly patch new bypasses 👀
If you found a bypass or a player cheating on the network, let us know and we'll resolve the problem!

D. Privacy, data security and network protection
Player database and game servers are stored on well secured servers in a closed network only allowing requests on port TCP 25565 (game) and UDP 25565 (query).
There is no access to server database outside the network, so risk of database breach is practically none.
We're continuously looking for vulnerabilities in the security system to make sure nothing goes wrong.
If you found a vulnerability, let us know and we'll reward you!

E. Server development
Since summer 2020, all new minigames and updates we release are entirely developed by us, however older games might contain plugins from SpigotMC. I'm saying this here, because some intelligent people say we're downloading stuff off the internet and that we're skids.

We're running FlamePaper by LinsaFTW ( as spigot fork.
We're running Waterfall by PaperMC ( as the bungeecord fork.

1.1. Currencies
marCloud has one global currency system - Coins.
Coins can be only obtained by playing games. At the moment, they can not be traded or purchased in the store.

You can check your coins amount:

a) Scoreboard in the main lobby

b) /coins command

1.2. Levelling system
By playing games and spending time on our server, you're given experience points (XP). When you reach certain amount of XP, you LEVEL UP and get a next level.
By levelling up, you get to unlock a reward. This can be an in-game item, more XP or coins.

Your level is also shown before your rank in chat.

You can check your level:

a) Scoreboard in the main lobby or in some games:

b) Chat

2. Minigames
You can join mini-games using the server selector in the man lobby.
If a mini-game has state "disabled", it means it's either shut down, in development or abandoned.
You can join our Discord and directly ask if a specific game will be joinable any time soon.

More information coming soon, if needed.
Hope you have fun on the server : )