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    Floating in the void for a few seconds before load worlds!

    LAG on join? Stuck in air? Scoreboard displays, but no items work etc? I had the same issue a few days ago. If Lobby had no players, and a new player joined, he was stuck in the void for a few seconds before getting the world. However, if there was anyone in the spawn chunk, it loaded...
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    Minecraft Reasons For ban.

    1. We resolved this, and you're unbanned. 2. This is IP ban, not ban. It means someone using Your internet cheated blatantly, and got approved by staff to get IP banned. However, I took down your ban, if you cheat you'll be instantly banned by the anticheat so whatever.
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    Why is VPN blocked on our server?

    Since 17 March 2020, use of VPN or Proxies is forbidden on marCloud Network. Why is VPN blocked? In most cases, players use VPN to cheat without being recognised, IP ban evade or send bot attacks. Blocking such as connections will result in better experience for legitimate players. Should you...
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    Custom Spigot Itemstacks creation made easy:
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    How does staff application process look like?

    That's event cosmetic
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    How does staff application process look like?

    Hello. Recently there were many misunderstandings about how application works. Here is the explanation for popular stuff. » How does application process look like? If user meets requirements, and post a form application, the process looks like shown below: [FORM SUBMIT] -> (if accepted) ->[GETS...
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    A falsified thread about marCloud from Hye/Heimsnet/Endermined

    Hello everyone, I'm writing this, because a very funny and sad thread came to my attention. Here's the thread. source: Winterhoax In the begging the thread owner is accusing me of And at the end, he claims this whole...
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    Minecraft is fun

    MInecraft is kun
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    Requirements for applying for staff on marCloud

    A staff position on a server is not only a rank with some permissions. It's a responsibility. Server staff are responsible for actions happening on the server by checking reviews, monitoring the Anticheat in case of cheaters playing and hacking, moderating chat, check other's reports and answer...
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    Main class instance code!

    Hey! Today I will show you the best and the easiest way to get the instance of your Main class in Java! This will be useful in coding Minecraft plugins. You gonna put this code into the Main class: public static Main plugin; public Main() { if(plugin != null) { throw new...
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    You said I am Edytka1 didnt you?

    Luv u Edytka <3
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    Done long time ago

    Done long time ago
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    Developement Developement updates.

    Hello all, As I am officially back, I resume all server developement process. For recent month, I've been inactive in-game, in-site and in-discord. One of the most, biggest reason is that my Discord account has been disabled. This stopped me from doing anything, as I had most stuff on Discord...