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    Marcelektro Did You Clear The Case About Me Ban :(.

    You did it again today, without my permission. Looks like you don't even respect the "last chance". Therefore, not happening any time soon.
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    How to get free op?

    I think it is a scam, since you’re a bot that advertises it through a link by posting without any context in Minecraft related forums
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    Marcelektro Did You Clear The Case About Me Ban :(.

    First, you might want to learn, how to type in English - not capitalize every single word. Second, as I said in the previous post, why didn't you ask us if you can the anticheat?
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    Please Unban Me :(.

    Testing anticheat is allowed, if consulted with me. It would be just 1 message to me or Edytka1 asking, if you can test your cheats on my server. Also you used the cheat clients on KnockIT against other players, and disturbed their gameplay. I'll leave this for other staff members, they'll...
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    Please Unban Me :(.

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    Bot attacks

    Update: We've added a restriction of creating new conversation with users. Users with less than 10 public posts, can only message staff members. More than 10 public posts allow messaging other users. In this way, we've probably mitigated these spammers! Yay! Regards, Marcelektro
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    Bot attacks

    Update: New conversation emails will no longer preview the contents of a message
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    Bot attacks

    Hey, If you get direct messaged by someone with an inappropriate messages, please let us know about them by reporting that user. Thank you, Marcelektro
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    Level up glitched (fix asap its very annoying)

    Desynced level up values fixed done! Global XP in hotbar done (by removing it completely for now)
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    How to get free op?

    We patched the exploit on marCloud, because it's really dangerous and could leak user information. We were able to fix it, because we know how to make it, but other servers will still be vulnerable for that exploit.
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    marCloud Minigames Network - quick start guide

    Hey! Looks like you're new to marCloud, or you haven't got information about some features we offer. In this guide I'd like to tell you the most important information about marCloud Minigames Network. A. Important information In marCloud Network, no data you've created will be lost. This...
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    Because it’s a place to ask for help. you need some coding help?
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    Floating in the void for a few seconds before load worlds!

    LAG on join? Stuck in air? Scoreboard displays, but no items work etc? I had the same issue a few days ago. If Lobby had no players, and a new player joined, he was stuck in the void for a few seconds before getting the world. However, if there was anyone in the spawn chunk, it loaded...
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    Minecraft Reasons For ban.

    1. We resolved this, and you're unbanned. 2. This is IP ban, not ban. It means someone using Your internet cheated blatantly, and got approved by staff to get IP banned. However, I took down your ban, if you cheat you'll be instantly banned by the anticheat so whatever.
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    Why is VPN blocked on our server?

    Since 17 March 2020, use of VPN or Proxies is forbidden on marCloud Network. Why is VPN blocked? In most cases, players use VPN to cheat without being recognized, IP ban evade or send bot attacks. Blocking such as connections will result in better experience for legitimate players. Do you...