Cool, news which happened to us!

Bot attacks

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If you get direct messaged by someone with an inappropriate messages, please let us know about them by reporting that user.

Thank you,

A falsified thread about marCloud from Hye/Heimsnet/Endermined

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Hello everyone,
I'm writing this, because a very funny and sad thread came to my attention.
Here's the thread.

source: Winterhoax

In the beginning the thread owner is accusing me of
abuse, deception, hatred, ddosing, scamming, nulling and lying.
And at the end, he claims this whole post as
Endermined's story
Yes, probably ex owner of both currently used to have a server.

source: Winterhoax

Endermined says there, that I downloaded "HIS" lobby.
First of all, "his" lobby was a stock world bought from some website, which Endermined admitted to buy.

Second of all, that's true, I did download the world, as I was testing world downloader mod, and I've been joining multiple servers, and I sadly joined his, as I found the IP on Bedwars1058 plugin page on Spigot (he used to use Andrei's...

You said I am Edytka1 didnt you?

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Luv u Edytka <3

Developement Developement updates.

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Hello all,
As I am officially back, I resume all server developement process.
For recent month, I've been inactive in-game, in-site and in-discord. One of the most, biggest reason is that my Discord account has been disabled. This stopped me from doing anything, as I had most stuff on Discord. However, I managed to get all these back!
Everything should now go back to the original state.
I also planned, and implemented to life, doing a server revamp. This will include getting old members back as well as revamping the server from technical side itself, so it can perform better.
I've also decided to fix up the staff team, for now the staff is in a really bad condition. Most of them are inactive, some are spies, and some just are not doing their job.
The community side requires the most attention for now, and that's what I will work on for this week or more.
Best regards


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I have very sad news to tell you about.
The Marcelektro#9366 discord account has been deleted from discord forever!
Once it got just disabled, I messaged Discord support to unban me. I provided all required information such as my ID, photo and stuff. They denied it. However the email says "For comments or questions replay directly to this email". so I replied. I never got an answer. Today (22.07.2020) at 11:22 my time, all my discord bots left marCloud Community discord. I checked, and yes, its gone ;(
I do not know what to do now, ill tell you about updates and news in this forum.
Regards and hope this all goes good.

Owner discord got disabled, then deleted.

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My discord account has been disabled and as they say, scheduled to be deleted.
As this website is function and independent from others, you can post threads as new messages, but please do not abuse them.
Hope it get fixed

3.5k Members! Yaaay

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Hello users!
Recently the member count hit 3k.
Thank you everyone!!!
Hope we reach the highest amounts :D

*Also this is test of news system*