TNTRun plugin - Best TNTRun plugin [SCOREBOARD, PERKS, MYSQL, LEADERHEADS] 2.1.1

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Have you ever think about a cool TNTRun plugin, which look like hypixel?
Use this one! It has all features needed and amazing lagless map restore system!

This plugin is RECODED version of TadeSK plugin! I recoded it for this website because I want a rank in the server...
I added some features which makes it to be cool! Ty and rate bellow


A fully new TNTRUN - Recoded with no lags is there! Download now for Free and play!


- This version of TNTRun has no depends!

- Addons:
- TNTRun - Menu -- Advanced custom menu!
- TNTRun - Kits -- Advanced custom kits!

- Vault is now supported!

- LeaderHeads support! Check the variables here!

Plugin is 1.13 ready! Version 2.1.0 is highly experimental and should be used only for users that are on 1.13!


- TNTRun Regenerating system is now without laggs!
- Integrated regeneratig system
- Now Bungee and Multi mode are supported!
- In Bungee Mode: Normal or Shufled maps!
- All is Custom! Messages, signs, ...
- Stats! MySQL & File
- Scoreboard! Anti-Flicker!
- Glass behind sign!
- Unlimited arenas!
- Win commands
- Vault support!
- Permission to join with signs: tntrun.join.signs
- API for stats!
Code (Text):
Class: me.tade.tntrun.TNTRunAPI
- Method: #getStats(Player, StatsType) returns Integer
API - Events - Win, Lose, Leave and Join!
Spoiler: Show Events
- Custom Items! In items.yml
tntrun items.png

or items.yml file:
Code (Text):
id: 355 //In 1.13 are used only names!
subid: 0
name: '&c&lLeave Arena'
command: tntrun leave
slot: 9
giveAfter: 2
- '&7Leave this arena'
- Soon much more... Stay updated!


- Main command /tntrun
- Help Command /tntrun help
- /tntrun create <Arena Name> - Create a new Arena
- /tntrun set spawn <Arena Name> - Set Spawn for players in arena
- /tntrun set spectate <Arena Name> - Set Spawn for spectators in arena
- /tntrun set bounds <Arena Name> - Set Bounds for arena
- /tntrun set point1 - Set Point 1
- /tntrun set point2 - Set Point 2
- /tntrun set loselevel <Arena Name> - Set LoseLevel for arena
- /tntrun set time <Arena Name> <Amount> - Set start time for arena
- /tntrun set minplayers <Arena Name> <Amount> - Set minimum players for arena
- /tntrun set maxplayers <Arena Name> <Amount> - Set maximum players for arena
- /tntrun finish <Arena Name> - Finish Arena creation. Save all data and map to arena config!
- /tntrun reload - Reload config.yml and messages.yml
- /tntrun join <Arena Name> - Join to Arena
- /tntrun leave - Leave Arena
- /tntrun stats - Show Stats
- /tntrun force <Arena Name> - Force start of arena - Permission: tntrun.force

- Permission to setup: tntrun.setup


Join Sign:

Permission to create: tntrun.sign.create
Permission to join: tntrun.join.signs
1st line: [TNTRun]
2nd line: <Arena Name>

Remove it with creative and sneaking!
Permission: tntrun.sign.destroy
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This is an amazing recource, hope you keep it up! Don’t forget that posting leaks is not allowed right? ;) Don’t go too far with recoding.