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Make your Minecraft game look like in real life.
Texture packs are maintained by UMSOEA. Here you can download them for free so don’t wait just download and enjoy :D

Hey! It took a while but I think I have really nice stuff for you this time!

Here is the new video, go check it out! : Click here

All changes in R14:
  • Finally added 3D Glass Panes (+ 2D Reflective Variants for complex Patterns)
  • Added Solar Panels (Daylight Detectors)
  • Added Redstone Cables (Redstone Dust)
  • Added Dark Asphalt/Rubber/Concrete Building Block (Coal Block)
  • Added a basic, clean, gray Block similar to white_concrete (Gray Terracotta)
  • Adapted the Magenta Concrete Texture
  • New handy feature: If you search for "umsoea" in creative inventory, you can find pretty much all things that I have made textures for.
  • Other Changes: Cleaned up the pack a bit, reduced file size, etc. I also moved the download to a central download post here on Patreon.

Let's talk about the main-thing for this update:

REDSTONE CABLES. Oh man, I put so much time into this. It is by far the most complex thing I have done so far in terms of "Pushing Minecraft's graphics".

Features: 3D, Corners are Curved, 4-way connections are boxes, 3-way connections are T shaped small box-things (when the bottom of the "T-shape" is facing NORTH, it will appear as a power-measuring-tool. It measures the exact power level from 0 to 15 precisely), Cables can connect UP-wards - sadly not curved. The end parts are PLUGS, male and female. If an end is directly connected to a non-redstone block, the plugs fit perfectly and it gives the impression as if it was plugged in (wall outlet, looks cool when powering a piston directly)
All this works without any mods, it's just a Resource-Pack! That's why it's pretty hard to do and since I'm still quite new to all this, I spent a lot of time figuring out how and if this actually could work. Personally I have not seen any stuff like this before so I decided to give it a try.

Technical blablabla for the nerds: I completely rewrote the blockstate file. It consists of ~20 individual blockmodel files (15 alone for the different power states) The curves are done with a custom blockmodel where I did the same thing that I did for the 3D glass: Stacking multiple 2D Planes with a curve Texture on it. This gives the illusion of depth if you look at it from certain angles. A really cool trick to make certain round shapes.

What's next?
If people like the Redstone-cable style etc. - I'll probably do more redstone textures and I might release this as a standalone Pack some day when all Redstone Textures are done.

I would like to make another update this month. It's always a risk and really stressful because like 90% of things I create, don't work as I imagined and I need to find something new to work on.
But maybe some snow and rain? (particles) Ice? Piston, Redstone repeater, comparator, etc. more architecture? Not sure, I need to test if it has potential. Lets see :)

Thank you guys so much for the support! I love spending ridiculous time and energy on a single minecraft block/item and try to make something special. Hope you like it! Feel free to send me any recommendations/ideas!

Note: The Textures should work fine with PTGI E11 but in my opinion E10 looks better. (in most cases)
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