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  1. Marcelektro

    AntiCheat update. No false positives.

    Hello. I want to announce short thing. Did you know that the AntiCheat which recently was kicking you for legit stuff, got updated to new one. Now, you will never be kicked got skills you got. Have fun!
  2. Marcelektro

    marCloudDrive disk space

    No, every disk is backup on other server. Hacker would have to hack all. Well that would take more than year!
  3. Marcelektro

    Survival - Reset Done! Server is back alive!

    Hello, The survival server finally reset. Sorry that it had to take so long but due to vacations I couldn’t do some things. But all is good :) What changed? So, there’s custom world. With water falls, custom dungeons, biomes. Also we added some cosmetic fixes like new scoreboard, boss bar...
  4. Marcelektro

    How to properly use marCloudForums

    HOW TO PROPERLY USE MARCLOUD FORUMS marCloud Forums is a new type of web forums. Here, you can use many unique features such as uploading resources (files) for others and many more. All on cool looking theme and for FREE! But most of members doesn't use its full potential. In this tutorial, I'm...
  5. Marcelektro

    My builds

  6. Marcelektro

    marCloudDrive disk space

    MARCLOUD DRIVE DISK SPACE / PLANS BOARD marCloud Drive has limited disk space per user. By default, for now its 2GB Its not much, but for 90% of members its enough. Well, what if you are buisness and you have to store big files and sync them in real time with your computer to be up with your...
  7. Marcelektro

    Survival server - Soon resetting

    Hello guys, I have an important announcement to announce. So, as you know, our survival server is being up since 1.14 version release, that’s long. Our world is grieffed and honestly, dirty. I know you spent much time on building stuff, but your work isn’t done. You will be able to visit and...
  8. Marcelektro

    Update 6.4

    Hey, marCloud Minigames Network has new update Changelog: - We created a single command for the linux that can launch every minigame on the command execution. It launch a server, when its done, it launched next and until it launches all, server is in maintenance mode. When all is done, we allow...
  9. Marcelektro

    Warning on sinictrip scammer

    I see now. You’re right. Thanks for info. Let’s create a team which will work against sonictrip. I thought he’s a nice guy, now I see that’s not truth. He’s horrible.
  10. Marcelektro

    Flux 1.8.8 FULL VERSION 1.8.8

    Minecraft 1.8.8 Client with some mods that can fix ur skills using magic Flux Installation: 1. Click WIN + R keys once. Type "%appdata%" to the field named "run" 2. A folder opens. Navigate to .minecraft directory then versions folder 3. Unrar the folder from downloaded file and paste it to the...
  11. Marcelektro

    Update 6.3

    Hey, marCloud new update (6.3) just released! Changes: - Brand new skyblock + new island designs + new store + new gui menus + new spawn + new events - All games scoreboards design set to marCloud own's themed style + &b &3 &f &7 &a are now ONLY used color codes which makes the...
  12. Marcelektro


    You have been muted for 1 week due to spamming the forum and being derp, Appeal not allowed Regards
  13. Marcelektro

    Cat feed? How many times daily? HELP

    Its ok I understand. No problem Hope you feel good with them See you soon!
  14. Marcelektro

    Cat feed? How many times daily? HELP

    Thx. How are your cats named if I can ask?
  15. Marcelektro

    Cat feed? How many times daily? HELP

    No problem. How you enjoy my forums?
  16. Marcelektro

    Cat feed? How many times daily? HELP

    Cool. You now are ok with feeding?
  17. Marcelektro

    Cat feed? How many times daily? HELP

    Their behaviour. If they will be slow and dont want to run and stuff..
  18. Marcelektro

    Cat feed? How many times daily? HELP

    Yes do it when they want, but dont make it too good. You will see when they are really full and when they shouldnt eat more
  19. Marcelektro

    Cat feed? How many times daily? HELP

    It mean they compete about being most feed. Thats natural behaviour. Dont worry
  20. Marcelektro

    Cat feed? How many times daily? HELP

    How much cats do you have? How many in one house?