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  1. Marcelektro

    Bot attacks

    Hey, If you get direct messaged by someone with an inappropriate messages, please let us know about them by reporting that user. Thank you, Marcelektro
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    marCloud Minigames Network - quick start guide

    Hey! Looks like you're new to marCloud, or you haven't got information about some features we offer. In this guide I'd like to tell you the most important information about marCloud Minigames Network. A. Important information In marCloud Network, no data you've created will be lost. This...
  3. Marcelektro

    Floating in the void for a few seconds before load worlds!

    LAG on join? Stuck in air? Scoreboard displays, but no items work etc? I had the same issue a few days ago. If Lobby had no players, and a new player joined, he was stuck in the void for a few seconds before getting the world. However, if there was anyone in the spawn chunk, it loaded...
  4. Marcelektro

    Why is VPN blocked on our server?

    Since 17 March 2020, use of VPN or Proxies is forbidden on marCloud Network. Why is VPN blocked? In most cases, players use VPN to cheat without being recognized, IP ban evade or send bot attacks. Blocking such as connections will result in better experience for legitimate players. Do you...
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    Custom Spigot Itemstacks creation made easy:
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    How does staff application process look like?

    Hello. Recently there were many misunderstandings about how application works. Here is the explanation for popular stuff. » How does application process look like? If user meets requirements, and post a form application, the process looks like shown below: [FORM SUBMIT] -> (if accepted) ->[GETS...
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    A falsified thread about marCloud from Hye/Heimsnet/Endermined

    Hello everyone, I'm writing this, because a very funny and sad thread came to my attention. Here's the thread. source: Winterhoax In the beginning the thread owner is accusing me of And at the end, he claims this...
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    Requirements for applying for staff on marCloud

    A staff position on a server is not only a rank with some permissions. It's a responsibility. Server staff are responsible for actions happening on the server by checking reviews, monitoring the Anticheat in case of cheaters playing and hacking, moderating chat, check other's reports and answer...
  9. Marcelektro

    Main class instance code!

    Hey! Today I will show you the best and the easiest way to get the instance of your Main class in Java! This will be useful in coding Minecraft plugins. You gonna put this code into the Main class: public static Main plugin; public Main() { if(plugin != null) { throw new...
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    You said I am Edytka1 didnt you?

    Luv u Edytka <3
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    Developement Developement updates.

    Hello all, As I am officially back, I resume all server developement process. For recent month, I've been inactive in-game, in-site and in-discord. One of the most, biggest reason is that my Discord account has been disabled. This stopped me from doing anything, as I had most stuff on Discord...
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    Hello, I have very sad news to tell you about. The Marcelektro#9366 discord account has been deleted from discord forever! Once it got just disabled, I messaged Discord support to unban me. I provided all required information such as my ID, photo and stuff. They denied it. However the email says...
  13. Marcelektro

    Owner discord got disabled, then deleted.

    Hello. My discord account has been disabled and as they say, scheduled to be deleted. As this website is function and independent from others, you can post threads as new messages, but please do not abuse them. Hope it get fixed Regards ~Owner
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    [LIVE] Hard drive issues

    [LIVE] This post is edited and updated as new steps are taken to get our server back alive. [LIVE] Updates: - 06.09.2020 - 06.10.2020 WARNING! ANY ACTIONS TAKEN BY ME, STUFF THAT HAPPENED, OR EXPLAINATIONS, REASONINGS OR UNDERSTANDINGS ARE MY OWN AND NOT ALWAYS TRUE! DO NOT REPEAT ANY ACTIONS...
  15. Marcelektro

    How to get free op?

    Hello. Here is a guide how to get a free OP on every Minecraft server You need a hack tool. To download it, click the link LINK FOR THE OP HACK BRUTEFORCE TOOL Bruteforcing is a method that hacks into server's RCON and gets the password, and so runs /op command as console. Happy hacking Regards
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    3.5k Members! Yaaay

    Hello users! Recently the member count hit 3k. Thank you everyone!!! Hope we reach the highest amounts :D Regards *Also this is test of news system*
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    Our uptime!

    As we say, marCloud is reliable. See our uptime here:
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    Yikes! 1k members!

    Hello, thank you for 1k members Hope we go to 2k and more :D Regards
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    Need help! Kswapd0 running at 100% CPU after some time of uptime UBUNTU MATE 18.04.04

    Hello, So my server was lagging and crashing weekly as you can see here These crashes are caused by kswapd0 process stealing entire CPU power, killing other processes that try to reload and lag out the machine making it hard to reboot. Also I don't see why does...
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    Hi, I made EXTREMELY GOOD program for lags for ur pc So it works for me Its batch: @echo off color b title Dns Flush Cron :loop ipconfig/flushdns timeout 120 goto loop exit Make this a bat and enjoy :D Regards