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  1. Marcelektro


    Hi, I made EXTREMELY GOOD program for lags for ur pc So it works for me Its batch: @echo off color b title Dns Flush Cron :loop ipconfig/flushdns timeout 120 goto loop exit Make this a bat and enjoy :D Regards
  2. Marcelektro


    Don't forget that VOTES can be given every day or every 6 hours. If you wanna get some stuff on the network, vote. Just few clicks, makes you happy, and us happy! Regards :3
  3. Marcelektro

    Ranks Guidelines

    As ranked player with any bought or given due to some conditions, you must follow server’s terms of service and agree with rules and privacy policy Conditions to give rank for free YouTube: To get YouTube rank on our network you must have active YouTube channel, 200+ subscribers, not violated...
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    Hello, Did you want to get FREE XP or some FREE MYSTERY DUST on our server? Or even COINS in minigames? Yes, you can get it by voting to our server Vote to the server using above links You can vote on all of these and get as much rewards, as many votes you give! Thank you and hope you...
  5. Marcelektro


    Hi, there's snow on spawn enjoy
  6. Marcelektro

    Happy winter update

    Hello, I made tiny update in which there's snow and some overlays based on snow - based on winter - christmas! Have a nice december! Cold Regards Snowman Owner
  7. Marcelektro

    [BETA TESTS] Testing new Anticheat!

    Hey guys, You complained that you keep getting banned for cheating without reason? NO, its gone :D We created new version of The marCloudAnticheat plugin, and basing on @Endermined s and our tests with and without hacks, we can say that you won't get punished for nothing. If you want to support...
  8. Marcelektro

    Chat filter

    Okay, good idea. I make this.
  9. Marcelektro

    [FIX] Anticheat FIXED!

    Hello, as you know the anticheat was having so many false positives which were banning you for fly or speed. This is gone actually, I fixed all. Well the issue was fun For players: Enjoy your game For developers: It happened because games weren't shut down properly - it was crashing and...
  10. Marcelektro


    Hello, thank you for spending your time to write this thing, 1. No, you cheat, no unbans. 2. You got banned for 5 minuts so it probably is already expired. 3. Go to school (english) 4. Huzuni is cheat! 5. Anticheat is already fixed so you wouldn't be banned for nothing! Regards and fix...
  11. Marcelektro

    [IMPORTANT] Anticheat testing

    Hey, Some of you complained that the anti cheat kicks/bans you for cheating even if you don't hack. I made some changes in code of our anti cheat and it would be nice to get you as testers. Finding bugs = better anti cheat If you got some, post reply bellow!!! Regards ~ Developer
  12. Marcelektro

    [BEDWARS] Update + Bug fixes

    Hello, Recently the bedwars game was having many issues such as glitched beds and scoreboard. Also inventories were bugged and arenas had issues with team selector The issues were fixed! Thanks to a guy which found the glitch, ULOCH_PL Regards ~Developer
  13. Marcelektro

    tell marcloud

    This looks amazing did you make it?
  14. Marcelektro

    tell marcloud

    Hello, Im owner (marCloud) Nice to see you there! Dont forget to edit your account settings like avatar, password and stuff you want to edit! Have fun :D
  15. Marcelektro

    Survival AntiCheat!

    Hello. since everyone was flying on my 1.14.4 survival server I decided to add an AntiCheat. It’s done and works perfectly! It even blocks fast break or nuker so good luck to hack! regards Owner
  16. Marcelektro

    Survival server update!

    Hello addicted players, were you ever tired of marCloud Survival? Did you find it to boring? Did you notice world issues? NOPE! All is now fixed, we are resuming the developement and updating it. Actually, you can join the server from 1.8.8 - 1.14.4 versions, so you can play bedwars like pro on...
  17. Marcelektro

    Fair or not fair - hacking

    Hacking is bad so if you hax then you will be banned. If you cheat you will be banned If you abuse you will be banned If you ignore this you MAY be banned If you hack already stop or be banned If you say HI to a hacker you will be mean If you say u hack then ur a... guy idk If you say anything...
  18. Marcelektro

    Developement Comming soon - NETWORK LEVELS

    Hello, Since developement is up, I wanted to announce that soon, in the minigames network there will be the NETWORK LEVEL system! What is this about you ask? So, this is like: When you win a game, mine diamond, rankup in prison server, make challange in skyblock, you will be awarded with XP...
  19. Marcelektro

    Need help! My windows 10 design got bad!

    Hello @WoodyAlien Glad you used my website! I had same issue recently, yes its annoying. So all you gotta do is: Right click START > SYSTEM > search box > type: performance > click the one from control panel > pick the option you want to fix Here u go with screen shots I did: (the...