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I got robbed by staff members!!! WATCH OUT PEOPLE!!!
Hello guys,
Today I got robbed on this Minecraft Game server. It was Sniffmycookie guy. He took it all cuz i got many apples. So i was almost /godmode. The Staff looked and it and was trolling me by punching me. He told me to the items to him. I had to, cuz otherwise he'd kill me Sad

Watch out for yourself

Hope Owner will fix it all.

Thank you
Hello Marolion. This is the staff member sniffmycoochie, otherwise known as gaaay on the Marcloud Minecraft Server. I confiscated your items after you admitted to be gifted them ILLEGALLY by another Staff Member. Our Team is working hard to find the culprit responsible. As for the trolling, I am unaware of who did this. Trolling has been forbidden amongst staff for a while now, and it may be the constant lag the server has been receiving lately, as of which we are also trying to resolve. Thank you.
Sincerely, sniffmycoochie
As you think. I will get it back. Sad.
The Staff member should be punished not me. I didn't do anything wrong.
Staff did. I just became trolled person. You would get rid of thise items, or you'd keep it for yourself?
Think about it
You didnt do anything wrong directly, you just accepted the OP items. No staff member is allowed to give a standard player Special Treatment (i.e. Free Items). You aren't being punished, nor are you being rewarded. When you handed over the Iron, all that was left was a Chest Plate and Pants that were both in the Red durability, so there isnt even much to be mad about.

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