A falsified thread about marCloud from Hye/Heimsnet/Endermined

Hello everyone,
I'm writing this, because a very funny and sad thread came to my attention.
Here's the thread.

source: Winterhoax

In the beginning the thread owner is accusing me of
abuse, deception, hatred, ddosing, scamming, nulling and lying.
And at the end, he claims this whole post as
Endermined's story
Yes, probably ex owner of both currently used to have a server.

source: Winterhoax

Endermined says there, that I downloaded "HIS" lobby.
First of all, "his" lobby was a stock world bought from some website, which Endermined admitted to buy.

Second of all, that's true, I did download the world, as I was testing world downloader mod, and I've been joining multiple servers, and I sadly joined his, as I found the IP on Bedwars1058 plugin page on Spigot (he used to use Andrei's plugin).

As his server was natively 1.12.2, I wanted to test the mod by downloading lobby world. As I knew its stock, there would be no problem of doing so, as it was not his creation. However after trying out the lobby, which worked successfully, I switched versions to play the server (went on 1.8.9 as pvp sucks on newer ones) .

However, I've never used any of the downloaded worlds for my use. As I have files of every single season of every minigame, there was never any world from other existing servers - marCloud NEVER had worlds copied from other servers. There's an exception anyways, back then I used worlds from premade servers, mostly from Uzumaki, as they were free to use with no credits, but these maps are not from a server, but a free setup. I didn't have a build team these days, which is the reason for me to use premade maps.

source: Winterhoax

As I said before, Endermined admitted to use stock worlds, he started to have his own ones after Eilay214 joined my server in April 2019 and played 1.14 survival server. After that he also became builder for Miners League. And unless I'm wrong he only built a waiting lobby for Bedwars.

Claiming at this point to have his own maps is a proof, which shows that Endermined did not see them on my server, I used to use my own maps which I continue to use until today.

Anyways since Bedwars using bedwars 1058 plugin was our main Bedwars plugin, we were using the own maps.

From what I understand, Ender says that I used to use his bedwars maps, however I didn't use lobby. That's completely wrong.

Thread owner claims that I told Endermined about his lobby downloaded, that's correct, but the only diffrence is that that was not his download, but stock world. Then i showed him screenshot of another server using exactly the same lobby as he used. At this point he admitted to use stock lobby.

Third of all, I never wanted Endermined to become manager of my server, as I knew it would require giving permissions. Overall I was skeptical about giving any staff to anyone, and I've been avoiding doing so by saying "Soon", "I can't now" etc. I admit that I should've done that, but just say "no". However, I did not know how should behave, as I just was 13 years old in 2018.

Endermined first became mod, then admin, and then he wanted to become Manager, so I said fine, as it had no special perms. He also used to be co owner, and he destroyed my discord server twice, first he banned all members, and replaced my server icon to some google image and made one channel named "join-minersleague", and the second case, he deleted all channels from the server, however it was done by "Dark" guy, which was a high position staff member in Endermined's server. I asked him in DM-s why he did it, he said it was his friend/brother/sister taking his phone away. I highly doubt, because Endermined was beneficial at this point.

source: Winterhoax

Firstly, I've never claimed everything to be custom coded, as it would mean I used custom server engine, custom http server etc. That's a total lie about me saying so.
"Stealing maps part" - explained above.

"Staff was abused, told to download plugins and website themes". Since the first says of marCloud, no one had access to server SSH or server files (ftp). Staff downloading plugins would mean they had access, which is not true. Also staff never was abused. What I understand as abuse is forcing to do stuff they didn't want to. I've never done so.

Nulled plugins and forum themes were never used in production environment or used for own benefit. They were mostly used for testing the abilities of a plugin if there was no test server.
The best example of that was AAC. An anticheat, that was banning legit players. Before I'd buy it, I had to check if it's doing good and is worth donating the money for the developer. Example of how good AAC ran on my server is visible in one of my videos on DiamondSaber channel.
I'd also like to say, that AAC is overall high quality Anticheat, however in case of my plugins running along with it, It was not able to do it's job. If you run a server compatible with it, it probably will do great.

source: Winterhoax

At this point, Janmarinka situation is something different mostly friendship based. We've talked about this already. However we can say, that he was NEVER forced into doing anything, especially downloading nulled resources, It'd mean he had SSH, which as I said before no one had.

Jan resigning was caused by him thinking that I took our friendship as a piece of lies, which was cause of him and me not finding the consensus in our conversations. However he said, that resigning made him feel horrible, and he wanted to come back asap, but could not as he got banned because of me thinking he hacked bedwars and grieffed it. I'd like to explain it.

Jan Marinka was accused of replacing bedwars lobby into fire. After I joined bedwars few hours after him leaving, I saw a fire. I was shocked, and he was the only one with worldedit permissions. That's why I thought it's him. However, few weeks later FAWE Discord annonced, that a bug on 1.8 was found and that it caused stuff replace to lava. I updated plugin, and the issue did not come back.

I'll talk about the whole election soon.

source: Winterhoax

Accusing Red Haired Man (now Unrushed) of being propaganda person is totally not true as all informations claimed in this thread.
Unrushed was and is saying what he thinks about stuff. You can ask him about anything, check marCloud Discord.

Manipulation of a staff member on my server would end up horribly, if he found the truth, however the truth was always truth, so nothing would happen and nothing happened.

source: Winterhoax

I will reply to this also in the next sections, however i doubt they are best friends actually.

source: Winterhoax

"Yelled at" - lol
Also, Endermined never worked at marCloud, but helped. marCloud is not a company, and there are no and there were no workers. Being staff member is a form of supporting the server. No one get paid there.

I did not want particularly Endermined back, I did not like changes like people leaving the server, so I wanted to prevent that, as I did not get the reason why he left.
Also, I never used any sort of manipulation, and saying I used his knowledge makes no sense, because if he actually had the knowledge, he'd get the "manipulation" and not let being manipulated.

source: Winterhoax

The reason for a Co owner to get on was, that Endermined and Wolfo wanted to be one, and I could not decide who, as both of them seemed nice friends, so I decided to make a voting so I would not be responsible for making one of them sad.

Claiming that someone was told by me that someone else is bad sounds like a pre-school child talk that wants to set someone else against soemone else. This never took place, I was telling each of them what another one did, and it was purely fact-based. Such as shown screenshots. If truth is manipulation, then congrats.

The reason of Endermined winning the "election" was that he had mostly members from his Hye Hosting / Minersleague / Heimsnet. He also announced in his server to join marCloud and vote for him. Wolfo didn't use to own a Discord server back then, so he had no chance.

source: Winterhoax

Deceptive, abusive lying and overall incompetent. How am I deceptive, abusive, lying and incompetent? As I never had a server before, I was learning on mistakes, for example how to lead community. The competency is being learned the whole time doing something. As you do it more, then better you are. Also, since 2018 the server and service is up, always accessible unlike Minersleague and Hye being shutdown, and Heimsnet trying to be sold away, which I canceled by saying stuff to Robo (worker on Heim), Endermined even said sorry and regretted doing stuff what he did earlier to me in his messages with Robo that he screenshotted. Also, marCloud's source code, or any kid of user data was never leaked away. All users's privacy is provided at the highest level.

source: Winterhoax

Correct, google isn't completely custom coded, they use a fork of some web server and use php. 64 core self hosted, this is true. I am using multiple servers in total 64 cores.

The statement "Partenered with Hye" in hover list and discord was because Endermined wanted to implement something that would make the server as low ping for NA as for EU, however the idea was total junk that'd cause a breach in first second of launching. The hover message was set, as I firstly believed in his idea before he showed it to me by doing a video call with white board - this made me feel its serious and good.

96% server are completely downloaded. Spigot is downloaded, so 100% is downloaded. However gamemodes? None are just downloaded. KnockIT, as I said before is just using worlds from the Uzumaki's server. When I made this game, I haven't had a build team, so I had to use premade words. And where was the idea from? A German minigames network. Then i found his video, and wanted to get the game for myself, but with improvements.

Also, I never said its 100% custom coded, back then I used to use stuff like scoreboard plugin, anticheats and just a little precent of game was custom, at this point the knockit core.

I'm not sure what do you mean by custom gamemode. That It was my idea? Never said so. Custom gamemode means it has the core custom coded, as the KnockIT Uzumaki had skript as core, mine had java plugin. How would that be copied? Maybe skript to java converter? XDD. No! It was coded based on the premade server. That's what I meant by Custom gamemode, I should've said what I mean by that, which i haven't done. Sorry for misleading then.

I send a Python code snippet? Maybe because I needed help with a Discord bot... And yes, I can talk with you. I am planning to make Java bukkit coding tutorial series whenever I make voice reveal. Subscribe :)

30 servers? True, actually 40 now, as we have some bungee mode gamemodes. Anyways, true, this is second house. I'd not stand the loudness of servers, the house is pretty close to mine, however it's still not the one in which I live in. It was abandonned, as my parents bought it (32 m^2) and no one lived there, I decided to make use of it. They of course agreed.

As I said before 64 core total server. Not single one being 64 core. (Going to buy one, not yet though).

You say, I run 30 (now 40) servers on a 16 GB server with 4 core cpu? How would that fucking make sense. You are hilarious. The server you mentioned (EnzoServer), is a small but very reliable server working as proxy. Back then it ran Windows10, and the Windows repair caused the drive to die, however all data got recovered. Now it runs Linux, and it's been up since 160 days or more.

It runs Bungeecord, Discord bots and HTTP proxy, this is correct. You know better probably, gg.

source: Winterhoax, they sent my photo from Twitter @marCloud_NET

Yes, thanks for re uploading my photo without my consent (it was in marCloud Twitter).

source: Winterhoax

Servers crash constantly. How hilarious is that, https://status.marcloud.net/. Enjoy 100% uptime since a month. Check Hye's.

source: Winterhoax

Never called it fully custom coded, it has much Nextcloud fixes, as it had a breach in my case, which was patched by me, and improved in the angle of performance.
As I said before, back then i didn't pay attention to using words, especially that English wasn't my strong side back then. This is it. I'll be more specific this time.

Nextcloud is open source, and I am allowed to modify it's source code. Thanks.

Also, nice spelling, weren't you chased by Endermined, Dziaoad? XDD

source: Winterhoax

50k server botnet? Hmm.

My name non capital, you bitch. f**k you. No one fucking told you how to click shfit key while typing the 1st letter??

How did I turn YOUR community against you? That Hye was hard to use? Yeah, I saw the messages. People complained about how hard is it to use Pterodactly, one of them could not install Forge server. This is reason why you switched to Multicraft, as it's "easier". And you wanted me to find one for you? Yup.

I sent you a 1 TB per second DDoS attack? From 50 thousands servers? On Hye? First of all, how in the world would I achieve 1 TBps. My network ain't be 1 GBps, and you accuse me for doing so, congrats. (I wish I had 1 TBps tho). 50k botnet servers? No one would waste time on you. For real.

Then you say, it went through cloudflare? No way to put DDoS thru cloudflare.

The website could be down due to your servers die of F5 spammed fast enough. I found this glitch and it was causing SERVER RESOURCE LIMIT REACHED. It was funny AF ngl. So powerful Hye.

I did NOT attack any frontend, and especially never threatened to attack anything, especially back end, breaches etc.

Hye had great security - true. You never got breached as me, and never got leaked, this is pretty good. However F5 takes you down XD. You agreed to "me threatening you"? And what you agreed to. Honestly no idea, please let me know so I can know what do I reply to.

// Then you sent those screenshots. I'll reply to each after each.

source: Winterhoax

This screenshot shows data usage. In my school I advertised Hye as hosting because my classmates love Minecraft and wanted to have a school server, that's why I advertised it. This might be the reason for the data usage, not sure about it though. The next reason is that single hyehosting dot com website used to be 10 mb big on single load. The images were not optimised, and the WHMCS theme was not compressed in any way. So the usage is big. There might be another usage, but that's the only one I can explain.

You said "I am crazy". How am I? Free ad? ok sorry. I honestly regret that.

source: Winterhoax

I don't either DDoS or Hack.
I don't look for vurnlibilities.
I don't hack and leave it open.
I don't do any of what you mentioned, that days I met Edytka and I was busy doing stuff with her <3 and improving marCloud as she was super helpful as no one else before.

The reason for wpconfig.bak being accessed by Tor might be alot. As your service was popular, someone might have tried accessing the files. Not once, not twice I was attacked in the same way.
As I need to say this, I did not access your WP config. Anyways nice website, Wordpress.

source: Winterhoax
source: Winterhoax
source: Winterhoax

Here better quality, you posted on WinterHoax, so I'll repost it here.

Here is the main part, which looks sus, however it was on purpose.

source: Winterhoax

At this point, I decided to take this as a joke, as I honestly disliked Hye for being mean to marCloud, I decided to act like the hacker, as sshhhh is cousin of Endermined. It was blatant trap on me to check if I am the hacker. Mimish wanted to make me feel like hes with me, because Endermined probably sent him to me as country in his logs was Poland.

I said "dont tell him ples", which was to make him think im legit the hacker.

source: Winterhoax

The first screenshot of me, is log from IntelliJ trying to access Hye's website, which failed, as it was down that time.
I also proceeded to name the project as "Hye DDoS" to make it a thing.

Saying "L" etc. was to make him triggered, and looks like it worked.

source: Winterhoax

There's the name of the "ddos project".

source: Winterhoax

As Endermined was talking about breaches, I decided to make him think it's actually me by saying the following. "proceeding to mysql"

source: Winterhoax

Wanted to make sure Mimish gets the point. Ender didn't mention mysql word.

source: Winterhoax

At the end, Dziaoad wanted to be his pet, so he asked for the permission.

Looks like you promised updates, but Ender ain't told you more sh*t, so you didn't update.

I've been wasting my life to write this thread for 3 hours, as Rookie and Unrushed let me know about this junk existing.
If you have any little questions, or wanting to me to prove anything, I have everything.
All I said here is truth. If I can, I'll prove it.
If you also want me to explain any thing, which I didn't mention above, I can always do it!

Hope you understand,
Sorry for cursing, accusing me of something I never did is a little annoying.

Marcelektro ~ Founder @ marCloud.net
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