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Aug 2, 2019
Since developement is up, I wanted to announce that soon, in the minigames network there will be the NETWORK LEVEL system!
What is this about you ask?
So, this is like: When you win a game, mine diamond, rankup in prison server, make challange in skyblock, you will be awarded with XP points. Getting enough makes you level up.
There will be a bar, which shows progress of your leveling. Getting higher means more boosters like coins multipying or adding some cosmetics perks.
This can be called "Play to win", where if you play more then ur advantage, but thats not true.
On this server, every one has the same chance to win or lose. The boosters affect ONLY cosmetic items such as gadgets or mystery dust.
Also while playing, you get XP for time spent on the server!

So this is all for now.
We won't leak more for you this time...

If you want to help us, and youre skilled java coder, message me on DM message here, so we can do it together!

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