Didn’t buy Minecraft? marCloud Network welcomes you anyways!

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Aug 2, 2019
You surely know the situation, when you didn’t buy Minecraft account, which means that you can’t join online mode servers. Mostly like the biggest one which’s name shouldn’t be used for obvious reasons, doesn’t let you to play. On marCloud network you don’t have to pay for Minecraft to have fun on our network.

How does it work?
We allow all player types: bought and cracked. Premium people join the server and directly connects to lobby and are able to play and do anything they want.
Cracked people also can join, but on beginning they are in “Authentication lobby” and are forced to /register, or /login (if account is registered). After that they can simply join server and have fun with premium people.

Cracked people didn’t have skins. Here too?
No, here you can set your skin even, if you’re cracked user. Just use /skin <player name> command and you will be someone other. :p
Example of command: /skin Skeppy

When you join, you must use register command and on next join you have to /login.
Examples: /register mypass mypass 2
Examples: /login mypass
What’s the 2 number?
To prevent bots from flooding lobby, you have to put an unique number. It’s shown on join. It’s in range 1-20
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