Floating in the void for a few seconds before load worlds!


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Aug 2, 2019
LAG on join? Stuck in air? Scoreboard displays, but no items work etc?
I had the same issue a few days ago.
If Lobby had no players, and a new player joined, he was stuck in the void for a few seconds before getting the world. However, if there was anyone in the spawn chunk, it loaded immediately.
I've been looking for the issue and I found it.
So basically you have to set the view-distance value in server.properties file to any value, but it must be greater than the value you specified in the view-distance in spigot.yml.
For example, you can do spigot.yml 7 and server.properties 8. Can NOT be spigot 10 and server 5. This causes the lag. I have absolutely no clue why.
I might be wrong, or this thread may be dumb, or I may talk crap. It just helped me so I decided to share it.