How does staff application process look like?


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Aug 2, 2019
Recently there were many misunderstandings about how application works.
Here is the explanation for popular stuff.

» How does application process look like?
If user meets requirements, and post a form application, the process looks like shown below:
[FORM SUBMIT] -> (if accepted) ->[GETS HELPER RANK]
[FORM SUBMIT] -> (if denied) -> Gets informed about being denied. No response 7 days after submitting = denied.

» Once user is accepted for helper rank, promotion may take place depending on what the user does, and how helpful is.

» In most cases demotion is equal to blacklist from being accepted ever again.
» If user resigns on their own due to lack of time or similar reasons, they are allowed to come back.
demotion =/= resign

» Demotion may happen to any rank staff member except owner if:
1. User does not do their job.
2. User broke server rules making a damage for server
3. User abuses their permissions on other players
4. User is inactive, and did not plan the inactivity before or let anyone know about it going to take place.
5. User brought damage to server itself or community.
6. User is annoying other users and other staff including owner.
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