Need help! Kswapd0 running at 100% CPU after some time of uptime UBUNTU MATE 18.04.04


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Aug 2, 2019
So my server was lagging and crashing weekly as you can see here
These crashes are caused by kswapd0 process stealing entire CPU power, killing other processes that try to reload and lag out the machine making it hard to reboot.
Also I don't see why does kswapd0 even run, it's just 60% of ram used most of the time, when it's above for some period of time, it comes in with 100% and OOM killer (i suppose).
It looks like there's a major issue in the sysctl file, however I can't find what. Swapiness is set to 10.

If anyone has ever had similar problem, please reply below, as I really want to fix this without reinstalling the OS.