Developement New discord bot - work started!


Staff member
Aug 2, 2019
Discord servers for now can be easily destroyed by an angry staff member, a hacker or just by accident. People don’t have backups because discord didn’t add such a feature. marCloud Developement Team got an amazing idea which can change discord. Idea is: make a backup bot!
For now we don’t leak more details. All we can say is what the bot will do.
It can backup all channels, roles, bans, emojis, icons, settings member list and even messages. All the data is safely stored on our servers and is waiting for emergency.

You will have to grant the bot all permissions and move it’s role on the top, even over the owner rank. It will let you backup the roles and restore them.

The commands we will add will have prefix “mb!” (mb is marCloudBackup.)
If you run mb!help, it’s going to teach you all important stuff.

Our servers are powered by Linux - OS which can’t be hacked like windows. We don’t let any file uploads there so no backdoor or Trojan won’t be able to hijack us. Also the data of your servers is backup on another server in other hosting location to make it as safe as possible.

For now that’s all we can share.