New type of server! Work started!

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Aug 2, 2019
marCloud Guilds RPG Server

Many people said that remaking existing Minigames by our network is just boring for players. We understand that. For that reason we started working on a server which’s type is new and custom.

What server will it be?
So it will be a guild server. You create guilds and raid others. Sounds like factions? No. It’s not even similar to faxtions. Here you get epic items on beginning and start fighting others and make teams and friends. Also in order to raid you have to destroy The Heart of Guild. It’s located in the middle of the base. Guild owners can change their guild setting using it. Also here, when you click TAB key, you will see the ranking of players. Top 16 guilds and players are shown there. Also you can find some informations like your points, and other informations. The guilds created once are valid for 3 days, after the time’s up, the guilds loses their cuboid and is free to be raided and items to be stealed.

We won’t leak more details for now!
Check it out!

If you’re good at building and you want to help us with building, don’t hesitate to offer your help : )


Psst: IP for beta tests:
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