Minecraft Reasons For ban.


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Apr 21, 2020
Hello, as I do ban appeals, I have come to find that many people do not know the reasons why you could be banned. If you were falsely banned please make an appeal here https://marcloud.net/appeal. Here are some reasons for false bans:

1. Many anti-cheat notifications. As part of our anti-cheat system if you get a certain amount of anti-cheat notifications in a certain amount of time you will be banned based on the certain cheat.

2. LAG. Lag is a big part of our server for the anti-cheat. If lag occurs on our end or on yours. there will always be some. When playing Minecraft you send something called packets to the server, the anti-cheat detects certain bad packets as cheats and bans. If lag happens it may spoof these packets or do something weird with them. The server is hosted in Poland and you may be far away from there. You will most likely get a higher ping making it harder for the server to receive and send packets to you. These are measured in ms or milliseconds.

3. Account compromisation. When your account gets hacked into, by guessing your password or other ways, they are able to join on Hacked clients. As this is no one's directly related fault. But sadly it is 100% on you making certain passwords that are strong enough to not be guessed. We will not unban for this reason.

4. You faking hacks. This includes pretending to do derp hacks or drag clicking. our server will send notifications if you use this method and can be taken as cheats. Use this with caution. We will not unban for these reasons.

5. Human Error. People are not perfect and they make mistakes.

If you fall under categories 1,2 or 5 you can make an appeal at marcloud.net/appeal. Here is what the ban message looks like:


IP bans.
We only distribute these if you do the following: Ban evade, attempting to DDOs server, successfully DDOs of the server, or attempting to harass staff or other players in any way that includes dehumanizing remarks.

We do not accept IP unbans.

Thanks, unrushed. A.K.A Ryan
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Feb 6, 2021
I got a ban because i was hacking but i wasnt- i was just playing with my friends and now i cant even play with my friends :(


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Aug 2, 2019
1. We resolved this, and you're unbanned.
2. This is IP ban, not ban. It means someone using Your internet cheated blatantly, and got approved by staff to get IP banned. However, I took down your ban, if you cheat you'll be instantly banned by the anticheat so whatever.


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Jun 13, 2021
I Am A Normal Minecraft Gamer And Then I Think 1 Idea To Try Hacks On MarCloud With A Alt Account And Then I See I Get Banned For Using Speed Hacks And Then I Think Wow Marcloud Is So So Powerful And Then I Delete Hacks And Delete The Alt
Minecraft Account And Log Back To My Real Account And Then I Join MarCloud And See My Ip Banned I Am So Sorry That I Use Hacks One Your Server 1 Time And I Swear I Will Never Try A Hacks In MarCloud I Swear Just Give Me 1 More Chance Pls :(.