Security update + mega performance improvements!


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Aug 14, 2019
Hello Users,
Today, we can proudly announce, that we made a really big performance update on our server.

Change log
- Fixed Cracked User login issue (waiting long and getting timeout)
- Added permissions sync to all game modes compatible with LeonSync.
- AntiCheat Fixes (Even less false positives with ping over 500ms)
- Killaura check now checks for clicking speed pattern. It can detect auto clicking, which is unfair for people who had to learn butterfly or jitter clicking)
- Our plugin that allows no premium people on server with online mode true got updated, and got new name: “MAT” which means marCloud Authenticator
- Added ability to change your password for no premium users /changepassword old new
- Made IP bans working
- New AntiBot and AntiCrash

For people with coding knowledge only:

How does optimiser work?
We created an algorithm which creates own encoding to the server. Now, worlds and plugins are stored in compressed files with 4x compression ratio and even faster decompression which allows to optimise world size and it’s speed of loading when a player joins. It makes ram usage decrease so we can host more game modes.

That’s all for today of our change log.
Best regards
marCloud Dev Team

Special thanks to:
TheElemental_A5 for testing new Authenticator plugin.
RankedPlayers for testing our AntiCheat with best hacker client available (Whiteout) which is injected to Badlion

When owner Marcelektro come back, we’re going to make an event about it, so be prepared!
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