Survival - Reset Done! Server is back alive!


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Aug 2, 2019
The survival server finally reset. Sorry that it had to take so long but due to vacations I couldn’t do some things. But all is good :)

What changed?
So, there’s custom world. With water falls, custom dungeons, biomes. Also we added some cosmetic fixes like new scoreboard, boss bar, animations. There’s also new command /jobs. It allows you to select one from three jobs. When you join a job for example miner, for mining stone or doing things that are listed in description of the job, you get XP. If you get enough, you level up and earn money. For money you can buy items in shop or auctions.
Also we fixed performance issues. Server is no longer lagging. It’s 20 TPS which means maximum even with 10 players online. We calculated that the TPS drops to 19,98 if 30 players will join.
Also we added the survival server to the Minigames network which made you able to join using cracked Minecraft client.
Use ip:

That’s all for now.
Hope you like update.
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