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Aug 2, 2019
Hello guys,
I have an important announcement to announce.
So, as you know, our survival server is being up since 1.14 version release, that’s long. Our world is grieffed and honestly, dirty. I know you spent much time on building stuff, but your work isn’t done. You will be able to visit and spectate your world and download it. Of course fragment (because world is 40GB big).
So due to it I will reset the world to brand new spawn with custom generated terrain.
Biomes you will have are following:
  • Birch Forest
  • Bamboo Forest
  • Bonsai Forest
  • Cold Ocean
  • Coral reefs
  • Deciduous Forest
  • Deep Ocean
  • Desert
  • Fantasy Forest
  • Farmland
  • Forgotten Forest
  • Frozen Ocean
  • Jungle
  • Jungle Edge
  • Lukewarm Ocean
  • Mega Spruce Taiga
  • Mega Taiga
  • Mesa
  • Ocean
  • Pine Forest
  • Plains
  • River
  • Savanna
  • Scots pine forest
  • Snowy Pine
  • Stone Forest
  • Swamp Edge
  • Swamp
  • Swampland
  • Tropical Forest
  • Volcano
Yeah that’s much. We are helped by creator of Epic World Generator plugin.

Another feature of reset is many of custom features which will be added in it.
Custom mobs, vechicles, not despwanable mobs, Anticheat better than all existing (just tested) and many more!

If you do want the reset or you don’t agree with it, please give us your vote bellow.
We will appreciate that :)

Best regards
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