Update 6.4


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Aug 2, 2019
marCloud Minigames Network has new update

- We created a single command for the linux that can launch every minigame on the command execution. It launch a server, when its done, it launched next and until it launches all, server is in maintenance mode. When all is done, we allow players to join as soon as all is stable. This process takes 240 seconds total. (including cache clear (35s)).
- Added new fixes to anticheat
- Added new blocking alghorithm to anticheat to block spinner hack on the Jigsaw client.
- Added new game SkyGiants
- Maintained new Bedwars update
- New map in bedwars
- Increased security of server (packet spam)
- > ping from command line is now not possible on our server it makes marCloud safe from DDOS attacks and similar
- Added new rule
| Do not advertise other servers in direct messages of members of our server |

Thats all for now. Get in touch with me if you need something
Dont hesitate to ask im nice :D
Da best owna
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