Why is VPN blocked on our server?

Since 17th March 2020, use of VPN or Proxies is forbidden on marCloud Network.

Why is VPN blocked?
In most cases, players use VPN to cheat without being recognized, IP ban evade or send bot attacks.
Blocking such as connections will result in a better experience for legitimate players.

Do you want to play with a VPN?
We understand, that you are concerned about your privacy.
If you would like to join using VPN, you will need to contact us on our Discord.
If you have a reason, your account will be granted a bypass for Anti-VPN check.
We require a reason, because there were many cases, where players wanted just to cheat on the server or impersonate other members with similarly looking name, and used VPN as a way to hide their identity, making it harder to blacklist them.

Should you join without VPN?
Since 2018 marCloud has never suffered a data breach or unwanted person to access any of your data.
Also, no one has remote access to the database, which makes it unreachable from the front-end.
This means, you can trust us and join with your real IP address.
If you don't feel safe though, feel free to ask for a bypass!

How do we block VPN and proxies?
We are using a service proxycheck.io to determine whether your IP is a proxy.